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About Varied / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Max Cheng 鄭焯昕19/Male/Taiwan Groups :iconpkmn-fans-unite: PKMN-Fans-Unite
Pokemon Fans Forever!
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I'm a Chinese/Cantonese
"Hello I come form HK" stamp by MagnusLabelCantonese Speaker Stamp by Skarlet-RavenStamp - Trad. Chinese Users by cullets
Hong Kong, not China by ShunoobMultilingual stamp by Kylia1992Hong Kong Stamp by Colhan3000
Aru? stamp by SabrinaUtake
My Life in deviantART
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Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDestI Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-DahhSTOP STORING THEM, DAMN IT. by AshHavynn
Fav and RUN 3 - stamp by JWiesnerI love Feedback by Sweet-DooDoWishful Thinking by whispwill
I have Asperger, and I'm Proud of it
Puzzle ribbon by BlueRavenAngelAsperger's Is a RARE Disorder by Caffeine-MasterStamp - I'm proud of my autism by ElizaSun123
High-Function Autism Stamp by GaneneTheDefendraAutism does not equal... by charlene-stamps:thumb180723921:
Asperger's Stamp by SpikytasticAsperger's Is A Gift by MOJALAutism Stamp by jocund-slumber
Autism is a Gift by MOJALAutism Speaks Stamp by karibous-boutique
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Custom Airport Diagrams
Goldenrod Kansai International Airport by MaxCheng95
Lumiose Charles de Gaulle International Airport by MaxCheng95
Saffron Narita International Airport by MaxCheng95
Airport diagrams customly made for any geography you specified. Just note me for the information of the city/town/facility it service, the size you required, the amount of traffic it will receive, and the picture of the geography around the area and I'll take it from there. No real-world locations and civil commercial airport only. I accept PayPal as well.

Cost Estimate:

Three Island Regional Airport by MaxCheng95
Small-sized airport: 3000:points: or USD$35 or NT$1000

Viridian Pallet Municipal Airport by MaxCheng95
Mid-sized airport: 6000:points: or USD$75 or NT$2200

Goldenrod Kansai International Airport by MaxCheng95
Large-sized airport: 10000:points: or USD$125 or NT$3750

I Am 40% Shy.

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2014, 11:13 PM

Stolen from MinecraftArchitect90 

[x] You don't like public speaking. (I stutter whenever I do. :lol:

[ ]  You find it hard to talk to strangers. (I'm okay with it.)

[x] You don't like to look people in the eye. (I tend to look around all the time.)

[ ] You hate using public restrooms. (Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.)

[ ] You hate to go shopping alone. 

Total:  2


[ ] Being introduced to new people makes you nervous. 

[x] When you're in a group of people, it's difficult to think of what to say. (My topics are often different for some reason. :XD:)

[ ] You have a lot of trouble talking to the opposite sex.

[x] You hate to be teased. (I have a Zero Tolerance policy for it)

[ ] You hate answering the door. 

Total:  4

[ ] You can't stand people watching you. (It's usually the other way around. XP)

[ ] One on one conversation makes you nervous. 

[x] You don't like to ask people for help. (Sometimes I think the helpers just don't help the way I want. :lol: One big part of my lone wolf trait.)

[ ] You hate to read out loud. (I actually love it.)

[ ] You don't like answering questions. (I'm okay with it.)

Total:  5


[ ] You dread ordering food at restaurants. (I still need a long time reading the menu, though. :lol:)

[x] You are uncomfortable at parties, unless you know everyone well. 

[x] You don't like to talk, because you're afraid of being embarrassed by what you say. (I just hate being embarrassed.)

[x] You wish you were more outgoing. (And it's something I've been trying to do.)

[ ] You hate being in the center of any room 

Total: 8


[ ] You don't know how to react to compliments. 

[ ] You prefer reading, writing, or listening to music than being around too many people. (Sometimes, but I can still quite talkative around groups) 

[ ] You blush easily.

[x] You spend a lot of time in your room. (Everything I need is there.)

[x] You don't like talking about personal things with people you don't know very well. (Emphasize on the word "personal". Sometimes it's just too dangerous to do that.)

Total: 10


Overall Total: 40%
(Not bad, considering of my Asperger I almost thought I would get 70+)


Multiply your overall total by 4 to find out what percent of shyness you are. Then title this journal entry, "I Am __% Shy."

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  • Listening to: Final Fantasy music
  • Reading: Archenemy and Hero & Hetalia
  • Watching: Family Feud
  • Playing: World of Tanks & Chain Chronicle
  • Drinking: Bubble Tea


Max Cheng 鄭焯昕
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm Max, an 18 years old Chinese kid who currently live in Miami. I love aviation and Pokemon. I'm actually one of the three Pokemon expert in my church who specialize on Pokemon geography. I'm currently writing Pokemon fan frictions and designing airports for Pokemon cities. I also created my own airline: Eurasia Airlines, Pokemon Airlines, and Era Airways for my story.
I used my own ego in my story. I'm the CEO, President, and Chairmen of Eurasia Airlines Group and Hoenn Pokemon League Champion in my story.

I'm also a member of Team Special Scans as a Chinese translator for Pokemon Adventure (Pokemon Special Manga).

Personal Quote:
"Don't wear a hat that's larger then your head." -Cantonese Proverb

Best Friends (Sorted by encounter order)
:iconxgblue: Austin
:icondomieneek: Domie
:iconjolt11: Jolt or Rebecca
:iconerihppas: Sandra
:iconjd02022092: John or JD02
:iconleteveryoneoverarip: Leoar
:iconchipmunkraccoon2: Jacob
:iconprismaticmemories: Cinthya or Cin
:iconho-ohgia: Moby
:iconsalamencecake: Alex (formerly :iconsnivy08:)
:icontrainerem-dustin: Dustin
:iconkazzikuzzi: Kazzi

Real-World Friends
:iconxaurica: Amy
:iconchosen-one1396: Elvincito

Fellow Staff Members in Team Special Scans

Admired Artist/Writers

Founder of
Co-Founder of
Gym Leader (Contributor) of

ID art made by :iconbobertbra:

Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi
A supporter of Holiday Card Project,
and I've participate it since 2012!

China lang4 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designSpanish lang2 by Faeth-design
Language Spoken:
Cantonese Chinese
Mandarin Chinese
American English

---[]--- Put this on
---[]--- your profile
[][][][] if you're
---[]--- not embarrased
---[]--- to tell
---[]--- others that
---[]--- you're a
---[]--- Christian, and that you love Jesus Christ

-----///----- autism awareness
---|||---|||--- I'm autistic and
---|||---|||--- proud of it
-----///----- put this on your
-----///---- profile if you support
----///----- or have autism

Personal Chatroom

Journal History

Would you actually care if the Dex Holders' eye color are humanly possible? 

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I put it up here for fun, I guess? :XD: I mean, you can donate if you want, which I'm going to use those points for my Premium Membership. But I'm usually not the guy who like to beg people to give me points for that. I'm too proud to do that.

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