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Chapter 47 – The End and the Beginning

Max's "Main Party":
Ethan (Emboar, Lv. 55), Raymond (Rayquaza, Lv. 100), Marvin (Megnezone, Lv. 100),
Leo (Empoleon, Lv. 100), Sherry (Shaymin, Lv. 100), William (Mewtwo, Lv. 100)

Bosco's Team:
Sam (Samurott, Lv. 54), Alec (Archeops, Lv. 54), Victor (Victini, Lv. 55),
Zack (Zebstrika, Lv. 53), Oscar (Haxorus Lv. 53)

Hilbert's Team:
Emboar (Lv. 54), Musharna (Lv. 52), Carracosta (Lv. 53),
Vanilluxe (Lv. 52), Braviary (Lv. 51), Zekrom (Lv. 54)

"Where… where am I?" Bosco asked as he slowly opened his eyes, realized that he was sleeping on a bed in a Pokémon Center.

"飛雲市神奇寶貝中心。(Castelia Pokémon Center,)" I replied in Cantonese after turning my head around from the window to him. William stood next to me looking out to the window like I did. Victor slowly awoke next to Bosco only seconds after his Trainer did. "你們倆以經昏迷兩天了。(The two of you were unconscious for the last two days.)"

"Ghetsis呢?(How 'bout Ghetsis?)" Bosco asked with his hand holding his head.

"Hilbert跟我把他解決掉了,(Hilbert and I took care of him,)" I replied, winking. "順手也幫你報了仇。(I cacked him hard for ya.)"

"到現在還不敢相信那個混帳竟然從後面神不知鬼不覺的打過來…啊…頭好痛…(I can't believe that bastard blitz attacked me from behind… Ugh, my head…)"

"小心點,老弟,(Take it easy, little brother,)" I said while walking to the bed to attend to him. "你要好好休息。(You need some rest.)"

"哥,我沒事…(I'm fine, big brother, I'm fine…)" Bosco jumped off the bed despite of his headache. "Hilbert跟我其他的神奇寶貝呢?(Where're Hilbert and my other Pokémon?)"

"我剛剛才把你的神奇寶貝給拿回來,他們的傷勢並不重。(I just went out and picked up your Pokémon after some minor fender-bender,)" I replied as I handed 4 Poké Balls to Bosco. "而Hilbert跟Natural在外面聊天。(And Hilbert's outside with Natural.)"

"N?他在這裡幹什麼?(N? What's he doing here?)" asked Bosco with his widen eyes.

"Natural其實也沒有我們之前想的那麼壞,(Natural's not the person who we thought he was,)" I explained. "我把Ghetsis交給帥哥警探處理之後我們三個合力把你抬來這裡的。既然你醒了,我打算出去找他們,(The three of us actually had to haul you here after I had Looker arrest Ghetsis. Since you're awake, I'm going out to see what they're doing.)" I stick out my thumb toward the battlefield. "要一起來嗎? (Wanna join me?)"

"好吧,(Gladly,)" Bosco responded, grabbing his jacket. "但先讓我站穩好嗎?我幾乎完全站不住腳啊。(But first let me get my feet straight. I can barely feel my legs now.)"

I laughed and walked out of the room with William on my tail.

Bosco, with Victor on his shoulder, and me, with William behind me, walked out of the building to the battlefield. Much to my surprise, not only Hilbert and N were out there, Zekrom and Reshiram were both standing behind their respective heroes as well. They turned toward us when they noticed our footsteps.

"Oh, Bosco, you're awake!" Hilbert remarked. Bosco gave him a thumbs-up as a respond.

"What's up with Zekrom and Reshiram around here?" I asked, looking at the two dragons.

"N said that he wants to travel the world with Reshiram," Hilbert explained.

N gave Reshiram a pat and turned toward us. "After our battle, I've learned that I should learn to accept more ideas. And…I want to meet more and more people and Pokémon and their relations between them…"

"Haha! I knew you would think that way," I said as I took out my wallet and handed N a card. "That's my card. If you ever get to Japan, see me."

N took the card and reached out his hand. I smiled and shook my hands with his. "Thank you Max," he said. "I will." He then climbed up on Reshiram and had Reshiram got ready for his take off.

"Hilbert!" N exclaimed, looking at Hilbert. "Zekrom chose you because you have a dream within you. Dream it and make it into reality! Now…" he turned toward me.





With a roar from Reshiram, N slowly took off and flew off south, toward the Atlantic. Hilbert and I waved at him while seeing him off.

"Hilbert," I asked after N was off. "What are you going to do now?"

"I'm heading back to Nuvema Town now," he replied. "Cheren and Bianca are waiting for me back there. Also…" he grinned. "I want to train even more with Zekrom and challenge Alder to be the Champion!"

I pat on his shoulder for my compliment. "Wow, that's nice!" I exclaimed. "That's a really good goal to aim for."

"You guys are going back to Japan, aren't you?" Hilbert asked.

Before I can say anything, Bosco already let out a cough and stared at me. Both Hilbert and I looked at him, and we looked at each other.

"…Looks like we'll need to stay for another day or two until Bosco's good to go," I slowly said. Both of us laughed. The two of us slapped our hands and smiled at each other.

"Hilbert, good luck!"

"You too, Max."

The two of us gave each other a hug, bidding farewell to each other.

* * * * *


I shouted through the phone, with Looker on the other side, in Mew on my way back to Goldenrod with Bosco, two days after Hilbert and N's departure.

"Those two damn ninjas broke him out of the holding cell and disappeared. We can't find him," Looker said. "We are spreading people all around the region for him now."

"It's just going to waste time. You won't find him if the Shadow Triad's with him."

"Then… what should we do?"

"What should we do? We can only wait until his return," I replied and hung up the phone.

I looked out through the window and below onto Manhattan Island. I knew that one day Ghetsis and Team Plasma will return. I knew that one day I would have to be back here in New York. Since Ghetsis's is now at large, the problem no longer became if, but when.

Of course, it's only a matter of when, perhaps a year or two later. I know Hilbert and our first Pokédex Holders in America can handle it. And I also know that my adventure here in the Big Apple, is perfectly done.

Adventures in the Big Apple

After writing this for almost 2 years, 47 chapters, over 61,000 words, and I'm finally done!!! :iconlawooplz:

By the way, this is the very first time I've mixed Chinese dialogue into the story because Bosco and I was actually talking in Cantonese to each other. :)

Anyway, thank you all for reading! :D


Chapter 46: Ghetsis' Ambition, Max's Battle of Justice
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